All advantages of all materials.
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There is always passion at play in building a structure. Next, there is profit at work. Then, remember, one considers the benefits for inhabitants and structure. Often, one can discover a product or a system that meets the three. Less often, there comes a system that exceeds the three.

AERAFORM® Innovations
Panel Building Systems

AERAFORM Innovation Panel Building Systems is a great alternative to Aluminium formwork and matches or outperforms it on seven critical parameters. AERAFORM is an excellent choice for intelligent and progressive builders, architects and consultants who want to deliver innovation, quality, comfortability, endurance, cost-efficacy and sustainability in building panel solutions to their patrons.

AERAFORM panel building systems are reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels used for wall, roof, and slab applications in the green construction of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.
Its growing preference over traditional and modern systems is due to the number of advantages and benefits the solution delivers, not just in terms of application but also in masonry, economy, durability and, most importantly, sustainability.


AERAFORM panel systems are monolithic, lightweight, flexible in workability, easy to install, nearly accurate in dimensions, sound, fire and thermal resistant, and can withstand most earthquakes. Made from ecologically friendly materials, the wall, roof and slab panels are innovative and enduring.
The factory-manufactured, quality-control enabled, tongue-in-groove locking makes it easy to install on-site. It furnishes a distinctive nature to the structure in terms of insulation, comfort, and safety compared to traditional building materials. Needless to add, the construction site maintains near-zero wastage and minimal mess.


The primary materials used in manufacturing AERAFORM panels are lime, cement, silica sand, water, and aluminium powder with a reinforced anti-corrosive coating on steel. The slurry of this raw material is poured into the mold and reinforced with steel, followed by aeration and cutting. Post-cutting, steam curing is carried out in a pressurized autoclave process for up to 15-17 hours to make way for the final product.

Wall Panels

AERAFORM® Wall panels

AERAFORM Wall Panels are used for non-load-bearing applications like external or internal walls in low to medium and high-rise buildings. The AERAFORM AAC Wall Panels can be manufactured in single or double mesh depending on the customer's requirements and used in horizontal and vertical wall applications. The Wall Panels are processed according to the pre-defined sizes by actual site measurements given by customers. As an alternative to Aluform technology, AERAFORM can be greener, far more flexible, faster to market, easier to install, more comfortable for inhabitants, and cost-efficient. It does not require any shuttering and curing.

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Roof and Slab Panels

AERAFORM® Roof and Slab Panels

AERAFORM Roof and Slab Panels are manufactured in factory-controlled environments, using high-strength concrete and construction-grade steel reinforcements, which do not require curing on-site. These roof and slab panels can be used in low to medium and high-rise residential and commercial buildings and industrial construction. AERAFORM Roof and Slab Panels are cast in thicknesses ranging from .... mm to ..... mm depending on loads and spans. AERAFORM Roof and Slab Panels can be set straight-flat or at an angle, work in tandem with many waterproofing membranes, or be framed in steel or wood.

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AERAFORM® Properties


The lightweight property of AERAFORM panels helps reduce the foundation loads, which leads to significant savings in the overall construction cost, especially in areas with poor soil-bearing capacity.


AERAFORM panels do not contain organic matter and are not prone to deterioration. The panels do not degrade even under severe weather conditions. Being modular in nature, they have an excellent salvage value.

Earthquake resistant

The low mass of the AERAFORM panels results in the decrease of the total dead load of the building and, consequently, helps reduce the applied seismic forces to the structure, making the building earthquake resistant.

Thermal insulation

The high thermal insulation properties of the AERAFORM panels mitigate urban heat island effects, enabling the interior of the building to stay at a lower temperature than the external environment.

Acoustic Insulation

The porous, aerated structure of AERAFORM absorbs sound significantly, providing acoustic insulation. AERAFORM panels offer excellent sound insulation with an STC rating of up to 40 dB, varying on the panel thickness.

Environment friendly

AERAFORM Panels are non-toxic, recyclable, and energy-conserving, with products manufactured in occupancy. The product, after application, does not require any curing. These attributes together make it environmentally friendly.

pest resistant

Provides airtight interiors and does not contain any organic ingredients making it Pest free.


It is ecologically harmless and VOC free and does not contain any harmful gases.


It appears greyish - white in colour with even surfaces and an excellent dimensional accuracy.

Fire resistant

AERAFORM panels have a cellular structure that offers fire resistance from 2 to 4 hours, varying on the panel thickness.

AERAFORM® Wall Panels specifications table

Illuminating Sustainability

Sustainability is imperative to contain the changing climate in a changing world. In the last few years, something has dramatically altered the worldscape, and terrible risks are known to be associated with that shift. We believe that every entity, irrespective of its domain, must contribute whichever way it can to halt the risks and protect the rest. Brand JVS is committed to making products and providing solutions that reside inside the realm of sustainability. It is our little effort to brighten up the prospect for the world of tomorrow.